Photographers Jake Davis & Rob Jones (co-founders of Khroma Collective) have joined together to document over 40 of London’s most iconic nightclubs and venues. Jake & Rob were inspired to create a time capsule of London’s clubs and venues in response to the prolonged closure of these institutions due to COVID-19. 


Shot entirely on medium format film, the photographs were taken at what would normally have been opening time, spaces that Jake & Rob were previously shooting week in and week out. At this time of night, the streets outside would have once been bustling with life as people waited in anticipation to get onto their favourite dance-floors. With the recent announcement of nightclubs being able to open their doors once more, these images serve as a reminder of this anticipation and the positive memories that we all associate with these spaces. 

Taking their title from the #LetUsDance campaign, the project's aim is to raise awareness of the impact COVID-19 has had on the nightlife industry and help raise funds through a print sale to help the most in need venues through these final stages so that they can be enjoyed once more. 40% of the total profits from the sale will be going to the NTIA and distributed accordingly.